Building a Token Curated Registry DAppChain using Substrate

This is an intermediate level guide to help you get started with building complex DAppChains using the Substrate framework. If you are new to Substrate, we recommend you first start with any of the following beginner level tutorials to have the basic concepts covered.

  1. Creating a Custom Substrate chain - Fast paced, brief tutorial.
  2. Substrate Collectables Tutorial - Detailed tutorial and covers more concepts in depth (highly recommended).

Once you have finished one of these tutorials, you are good to go with this guide.

What does this guide cover?

This guide is intended for blockchain developers who want to build an end-to-end DAppChain solution using Substrate. This guide covers the following topics as part of building a simple Token Curated Registry, as an example.

While the guide covers some of the TCR concepts in brief, if interested, you can get a primer on TCRs here. The full TCR 1.0 paper is available here.

The guide is divided into the following five parts.

Building a Token Curated Registry DAppChain using Substrate

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