Substrate Developer Hub

Welcome to the Substrate Developer Hub, bringing together overviews, tutorials and reference documentation together with forums and feedback.

If you just want to get substrate, run:

curl -sSf | bash

What is Substrate?

Substrate combines three new technologies: Rust, WebAssembly and Libp2p in order to create a framework that makes building upgradable, efficient and innovative blockchains easy. In short, Substrate helps you build the best blockchain you can.

The level of freedom you get with when working with Substrate comes close to what you would have were you to write a chain from scratch, with an abstract consensus module API, WebAssembly-based block execution framework giving you a choice of languages to work in and flexible networking. Yet, designing and deploying a Substrate chain can be as simple as editing and distributing a JSON file so that your chains has the parameters you want.

The Substrate framework includes GRANDPA/Aura consensus, our generic transaction queue and runtime metadata system as well as the Runtime Module Library, a framework suitable for many blockchains (not least Polkadot) to help develop independently composable components of your blockchain.

By design, all Substrate chains have browser-compatible light-client functionality as well as a dynamic, self-defining state-transition function allowing for seamless upgrades to be made entirely under the logic stated on-chain.